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So with a few things on the the bench, I needed something I could bash out quickly to make me feel good about myself.

So thanks to a great trade with Oldcarfan27, I knew what that quick build could be.

Using the kit he sent, plus some pieces from an AMT promo kit, I was able to build a replica of the 1991 Chev C1500 Scottsdale my wife was driving when I met her.

Being a Scottsdale trim level, it was fairly basic, but had a few options to dress it up: two-tone paint, chrome appearance package with the better headlights, tinted glass, AC, cruise, and the all important upgrade to the 350 engine. Was a great truck, and we ended up selling it in 2003. Which we shouldn't have done.

Here's a couple of pics after a thorough cleaning and detailing.

The Truck 2 091801.JPG

The Truck 3 091801.JPG

And here's a couple from the day we sold it, in front of our house which we had just moved in to.

052603 - 007 - goodbye truck.jpg

052603 - 006 - goodbye truck.jpg



Anyway, here's what I came up with. Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)











And because everyone likes the 45 degree shots from 5 feet away... :P




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That looks pretty darn good! Have you thought about giving the wheels a black wash? I think that would bring the wheels up to the detail you put on the rest of the build.

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I drive a 1991 Scottdale, 1/2 ton, reg cab, V6 & 5-speed, factory gauges. So i appreciate the obvious extra effort you made.


Had the engine out of mine a few years ago. Oil pan pinholed. So i gave it the works.  New Dorman Oil Pan, the used rocker covers came off a marine V6 from Las Vegas. So: new tin, new bearings, new timing set and a set of eBay, correct for 1991, reman heads out of Idaho for $128, shipped (what a steal). New Dorman exhaust manifolds. Lifters disassembled & cleaned individually, pistons & rings cleaned of carbon.  It still has only 125K on the engine/truck. .003-.004" wear in the cylinders.

I looked at the Walker Exhaust Catalog. There were 2 sets of pipes available for the 1991 Chevy 350 V8. Single tailpipe or optional dual tailpipe with a 3" system before the muffler. Then i noticed that the V6 and V8 used the same crossover pipe. LOL

So, this V6 breathes through  a stock 350 3" exhaust system with a BIG muffler and dual 2" tailpipes. Did i mention that the cat was eliminated with a custom-bent 3" pipe? A V6 that rumbles softly like a V8 through twice pipes :P

Nice job on your model!




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looking nice Dan..  What a nice truck.. 1/1 and kit.. don't forget to black wash the wheels

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I've got a few of these extended cab Chevy trucks laying around and I really want to make a full detail kit out of it. 


Could you show a picture of the chassis and under carriage?

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