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65 Ford Custom 4 dr Sedan (Finished)


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So I am waiting to paint my 83 Olds, trying to get courage to paint something black. Not my favorite. So I decided to start another project. I am going to build a 65 Ford Custom 4dr Sedan. The body is a Time Machine Resin conversion body. I will be using the AMT 65 Galaxie 500 for the conversion. Hope you guys enjoy, this is my first resin body I have used even though I have many in my stash. Trying to step outside my box.




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Drilled engine for wiring, started on the chassis. Not sure what I want to do for the interior. I came with a modified bucket, not the best. Still has some of the XL trim showing on the door panels. Trying o determine whether I go all out and try and correct the door panel or let it ride.





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Got some color in the body and I’m going to leave it as is, there was not clean up that I realized. Going to chalk this up to being a resin rookie. My dilemma now is what to do for wheels and tires. I am thinking white walls and the Galaxie 500 full wheel cover, but I also have some open face steel wheels too. Only f problem is the don’t have hub detail for the front wheels. I’m open to suggestions as I am in short supply of dog dish hub caps from the 66/67 Failanes, those are for a couple of other projects.



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Got a little more done, it’s not much but it’s that much closer to being done, I still need to make a back glass. I was just at my LHS last night and completely forgot to get some clear sheet. Chassis is almost done only needing exhaust extensions and touch up. Interior is as good as it going to be, Used some blue flocking for carpet and modified the shifter to work with the bench seat.







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