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1/25 AMT '65 Chevy El Camino "Gear Hustler"


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Answered my own question.

"1/25 T386-225 AMT Gear Hustler 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle El Camino Construction Field Service

Rare first and only issue. AMT modified the El Camino for Construction Service, adding wide rim wheels, Gates Commando XT heavy duty tires for go-anywhere grip, a detachable shell top, choice of three different construction company decals, six pack and two hard hats. Features Chevy V-8, detailed engine compartment and opening hood, full interior, detailed chassis and more. Molded in bright yellow,, clear, red-tinted clear, chrome plate and with rubber tires."


So I expect to see the decals, hard hats, and maybe the Six Pack.  If we are really lucky, maybe the heavy duty tires/rims also.

This is for the '64, not the '65, but I expect the '65 will be done mostly the same way.


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13 hours ago, paul alflen said:


I had the same reaction when I first saw it.  Even though Round 2 is reproducing the vintage box art, it's a pretty lousy depiction of the '65 front end.  It does look more like a '64/'65 mashup....

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Looks like they took the original 64 and added a 65 grill! Look at how the front fenders are squared off on the front rather than the point that the 65 had!

Also the hood grill and bumper are straight across rather than coming to a point in the middle so for all intents it IS a 64 on the box!LOL


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The original run of this was my First 65 El Camino kit

It was a ONE/Limited build option kit

None of the custom, race, etc parts from the wagon and other issues of the El Camino were included


have they copied that, or just the box art & lost parts (hard harts & 6-pack) returned??


Be nice to have all the parts in the box

Still want a couple with the full camper included


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There was some discussion in another thread about what is and isn't in this new reissue so I dug out the one I bought last week and opened it up to see. 

Near as I can tell, all stock parts are still here. The custom grille, console, dual carb intake and air cleaners and "headers" are still on the chrome tree, as are the nice deep dish Cragars. A second small chrome tree has some nice chrome reverse wheels, also deep. I never have enough of these! (Didn't check close but I assume the non-chrome custom front end parts are still here too.) 

Glass--including the headlights--is included in both clear and blue. (Anyone doing a Sox & Martin '71 Cuda?) Might be cool to build the Elky with clear glass but the blue glass in the camper. 

Tires are four pad-printed Polyglas GTs, and (no slicks but) two enormous snow or maybe all-terrain off road tires I've never seen before (I don't buy any trucks, so maybe they've been around). I've got a couple models where I could really use some LARGE street tires so these are very welcome. 

Even though I already own at least two, maybe three previous reissues of this kit, I don't consider my purchase money wasted, especially at Hobby Lobby 40% off price. I might even buy another one. B)

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1 hour ago, Classicgas said:

Photos? One could probably combine the body with the running gear from Revell's 66 for  full detail.

I suppose you could. Wheelbases were identical in so it should theoretically fit. (You could also use the chassis from the Revell '65 Chevelle.) You'd also have to cut the underhood sheet metal out of the '66 body and glue it into the '65 body, as the AMT kit has the fenderwells etc on the chassis. 

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I just checked the tires, they're Firestone All-Terrain T/C tires with markings on both sides.

The 2 sets of glass is a great idea, untinted for the truck and blue for the "topper" camper is perfect.  I wish they had molded the kit in white instead of bright yellow, but not a big deal.

And because I'm obsessed with the 3 different campers that have been included with this kit thru the years, I did some more research.  Here's what I found out, in case you come across a sealed kit and don't know which camper is included.  Sometimes AMT showed the camper on the box, sometimes they didn't. And this is only a partial list. This kit has been reissued umpteen times, including the "Classic" series with the awful box art from the last days of AMT/ERTL:

High-profile cabover camper (the BIG one with windows/vents in side panels): orig issue AMT annual kit #8735; AMT-ERTL #6062 "Buyer's Choice" with no text on white box, and reissue with blue drag car on box, both ca. 1996-97

Low-profile cabover camper (uses small side panels, has back door): AMT-ERTL #31741 2002 re-issue, red stock Elky on boxtop; AMT-ERTL #6507, drag car on boxtop, ca. 2000

Small "topper" camper:  T250 "Street Rods" series, 1974: original AMT and Round 2 "Gear Hustler"

Flashback Series, AMT #2703; "Classic" series: don't know which camper is in there.


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9 hours ago, Mike999 said:

Flashback Series, AMT #2703; "Classic" series: don't know which camper is in there.


Do you mean the late-'70s "Countdown" series? I have an unbuilt copy of that in the Snakepit but was unable to locate it today to check. It runs in my mind it has the small cap like the new reissue, but I could be wrong. I'm certain it doesn't have the BIG one. 

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14 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

Do you mean the late-'70s "Countdown" series?

Yep. Don't know where I came up with Flashback. Duh.  Maybe I was looking at a '57 Ford box or something. Here's a pic of it:



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