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Steer Car and Kenworth tow rig—New Pics- 12-2-18

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Gauging the build to this photo, to me the wheel base looks fairly close.. I could be wrong though....

Ok I guess it does look antouch long!! K, easy fix!! I’ll chop the nose off tonight and shorten the leading edge of the belly!!



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Thanks gents!! Got a front panel/firewall put in last night! I’m not going all nice and neat on this. It’s being built to look like it’s been used awhile. Panels aren’t lined up 100% and the body will have some rough areas in it to show character! 

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Well, here we are, getting the Steer car near done! Next will be the KW tow rig and dolly, then the load that will span across the two! 

I have managed to get some things done! Bunk for the load, interior work, steering, and working on a tow bar right now! 







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Thanks gents!! Hope to get more work done on it this weekend! Get the body ready for paint and interior is about all that’s left on it! I’ll also be starting the KW tow rig that will be ahead of this mess!! 

Coming together!!!!

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