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Steer Car and Kenworth tow rig—New Pics- 12-2-18

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On 10/16/2018 at 5:32 AM, Mopar - D said:

Looking forward to seeing more. 

Hopefully over the weekend!! Cut the front fenders last night and now need to make brackets for them. Then it’ll be moving to painting the fenders and cab. Then build the interior and glass and mirrors. Then the Steer Car portion will be done, maybe a little weathering. Then moving onto the tow rig! 

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Steer car just needs paint! Not sure what color I’m going to paint it or it would be about done. I guess I need to build front fender brackets and a few little things! Just workyon the tow rig currently. Stretched the frame on the KW and have the frame together. 

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22 hours ago, Flynlo said:

Beginning at 5:17 there is a model of a heavy haul rig featuing one of these steer cars.

Now that’s kool!! A little different set up than what I’m going for but totally Kool!! Thanks for sharing the video!!

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Have he frame mainly built for the Kenworth that Will be the tow rig for this build. It is a KW T600 Kit. Stretched the frame to allow a tandem tag axle. I am thinking of making the bunk house a flat top roof in lieu of the Aerodyne roof..




Progress as of last night! Working on tag axle set up. Narrowed a drop axle but am thinking of going with a straight tube axle so I can clear the drive shaft.


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23 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Any more of this. Very cool project.

Been picking away at it. in paint but not sure I like the color I put on it.

Pull truck (KW) chassis is almost done and sitting on rolling stock minus the tag axle wheels and tires, engine is mostly built.

Suspension is being set up for the dolly but won't go on until the KW is set up so I know height for the dolly.

Hoping to work on it more this weekend!! Get some pics soon....

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