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62 F100 Prostreet

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Hey, that looks familiar!! Was lucky enough to see this truck on the table at the show in Nanton, Alberta. So clean, and so many impressive features, but it was the pedal linkage that really knocked my socks off :D

It's nice to have some clear photos so I can appreciate all the detail without having to lean in worryingly close, haha.

Spectacular work!

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Hey Spex84!

Thanks for the kind words! What part of western Canada is your hobby bench? Yes! Large photos make a huge difference when trying to display all the detail work. Thanks for showing an interest in the Nanton show also. I shelved this truck several times but after walking away and a few choice words, I didn't let it beat me!

Thanks again for your reply, Cheers

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On 9/6/2018 at 5:15 PM, Lorne said:

What part of western Canada is your hobby bench?

I'm in bustling cosmopolitan Golden, BC, haha. Pretty sure I'm the only person in this town who builds model cars, but I could be wrong!  Nanton is the closest (and only) show I've attended, so it's a real kick to see high-caliber magazine-quality projects like your truck on display there. And was that you who dumped out the pile of glue bombs for people to dig through and take home? That made my day! I'm still planning a project for the '59 Cadillac engine I snagged.

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Hey Golden BC! Thanks again for your interest in the truck and yes I did bring the box full of goodies for everyone and anyone who needed "stuff"!! Good Luck on your next project. One day I would like to attend the NNL West, gotta see the quality builds down south. I haven't decided on the next project "yet", tossing around a few ideas??? Hopefully see ya next time at the Nanton show!!

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