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A bunch of kits to trade, some rare!

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Hello I’m looking to trade some kits. I’m looking for mostly resin but I’ll also entertain kits. I’m interested in more late model kits than old school. But that doesn’t mean I won’t take a classic. In the post after I will include pictures of a list of kits I want. It’s not exactly what I will trade for, but it will give u a better idea of what I like. It may take a couple to equal value. If you have something you think I’ll take, then try me. Worst I can say is no. 

Keep in mind I LOVE transkits. Especially wide bodies and resin parts for newer cars.

I don’t have pictures right now but also includeded is a monogram 1/8 1985 corvette with all parts.

For most of these kits it’s gonna have to be worth it because they are hard to find or expensive on eBay. Including  -accord, Koenig Ferrari, alpina bmw, lorinser mercedes, and especially the 1/8 corvette.

I will b updating while I go through my stash. Thanks for looking!








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Is the list what you have available to trade or what you are looking for?

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What I’m interested in. The pictures and a 1/8 corvette is what i’m Trading.

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