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1977 Plymouth Fury Military Police


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Hey guys, this is a long time project started about over a year ago.

I thought it would be cool to do a car chasing scene from the TV-series "The A-Team". That´s why it leans to the passengers side. The car should came out of a corner in a little diorama I want to build for both cars too.


So let´s get started...

The only things of the original AMT Joker Goon Car I use are the body parts and the dashboard.

Chassis and Interior pan come from the 71 AMT Dodge Charger. Tires are from the 72 Chevy Fleetside. The grill and headlight bezels are 3d printed parts as well as the taillights, the door panels and the wheels.

Decals are selfmade and the interior became a little washing already. The engine bay I cutted out of the charger and glued it to the Monacos body.


After posting this at another forum a guy told me that I´ve choosen the incorrect color. So next to come is to strip the paint from the body and repaint it. BTW the wheels color is the one the body will become later too.

Also the turning of the front wheels isn´t correct so I have to this again too. But I don´t want to cry because it´s learning by doing...;)


The bumpers chrome I stripped off and redone it with a rattle can. The bumper guards are made out of the inner part of a bicycle tire.


Now I let speek the pics...





Front wheel



Rear wheel



3d printed grill



Door panels



Monaco dashbord with Charger steering wheel



Front again



Overview from the other side




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8 minutes ago, camaro69 said:

Thank you Dann. All the 3d printed parts are available at my shapeways shop... And as a german guy I was at the Bundeswehr but that´s meanwhile 18 years ago.

NICE!!, I have been checking out your shop online....VERY impressive!!  I need to oreder one of your 1/24 Carey Grant figures, a sitting, and standing German Shephard,  I would also love to find a couple of 1/24 John wayne figures....any ideas?

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1 hour ago, camaro69 said:

Thank you Dann. All the 3d printed parts are available at my shapeways shop... And as a german guy I was at the Bundeswehr but that´s meanwhile 18 years ago.


I just went a checked. I bought your Fury parts in November last year! As well as the Trailduster parts earlier this year. I've bought two different Fury grille and light sets off of Shapeways. I'm working on that car now, will get pics up...eventually.

We owned two Furys growing up, a 77 sedan and a 78 wagon. And I want to find a 1:1 version for a project.

Our sedan looked similar to your build. Was a police spec, in green. And then my dad put hubcaps on it.Here's a pic, circa 1983 or so. That's me in front of the car.

1983 Maybe - 002 - Fury in Drumheller.jpg




Looking forward to seeing yours finished!

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Interesting subject and I like the diorama idea. Since you're redoing the paint work anyway I was going to suggest the same idea as Luc Janssens, with the Clear coat before the Decals. The basic idea is to have the paint surface as smooth as possible before applying any decals and Clear coat as well. You mentioned the tires pointed the wrong way for a left turn. Since this is a chase seen anyway maybe the car is sliding around and the driver is turning the wheels to the right into the skid. I'm sure you have experience driving on snow and ice covered roads, and you are accustom to correcting a slid or skid. When you put together your diorama you could pose the car in such a way that it looks like it's sliding around the corner.    

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Hey folks,

thank you all for your replies.

@Luc Janssens and @espo : I really appreciate your suggestions with the preparation the body for the decals. Will take attention on this when repainting the body.

And yes, the Fury should slide around the corner on the diorama. Hope to get some things done during the next weeks.

@Dann Tier: I don´t have any figures at my shop thats why I can´t help you with this. At another forum I was following years ago and what meanwhile is offline we had a guy who does figures. Most of them were casted in resin by scaleproductions.

But he never did a John Wayne figure. Last year I asked him for doing the figures for my diorama but after his first answer I never heard from him again. He told me that he´s no longer working with figures. :(

Maybe someday we´ll find someone who does figures.

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