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Livestock Van “ Finished “

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I’m going to build this AMT reissued Livestock Van more or less box stock. I’m using Uschi Steel metal polishing powder for my finish. First I’m starting with a gloss black base for the powder. Here’s where I’m at now. 




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Thanks for the comments I appreciate them! I’ve been working on applying the steel metal powder. It’s taking a lot of time to get all the little cavities on the sides. Still have the other side to go. Here’s some pictures of the progress. 




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I’ve been working on this project and I’m getting closer to putting it all together now. Here’s the parts that are ready to go together. I’m going to try to assemble them today. 




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I’ve been working on getting all the parts together. Now I’ve only have a couple little odds and ends to finish this one. I’m using my Lonestar it looked good with the chrome tanker so I thought this one would look good together. My tanker did not do well with 2 moves this year so I needed a trailer until I get around to rebuilding the tanker. Here’s what it looks like so far.




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Does the trailer covered with powder? Looks dark IMHO. Try to picture it outdoors. I think chrome powder is not the best way to imitate aluminum or chrome. It still to dark.

But I like black base finish you've got!

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