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Google helps, and here's a little tutorial (not mine) that'll help get you started. For my current Nova project, I just looked up "chevy ii tube chassis" and got several pictures to go off of. These aren't really vehicle specific though, you can take concepts from any and make them work for what you're building. I also used Clay's 70.5 pro mod camaro on scale auto (yeah yeah, different forum) as an influence and inspiration, I'll leave a link to it as well.



Tube Chassis Tutorial.pdf

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no problem mark.

the firewall in a pro mod has to be .024" steel or titanium. nothing else.

the driver's side floor must be steel and welded in place. (note the differences in the pics i supplied)

the rest of the floor/ interior can be .024" steel, .032" aluminum or approved carbon fiber.

as you can see there is a lot of different combo's you can build but, no aluminum or carbon fiber in the firewall or driver's floor area.

hope this was helpful.

i found a shot of the same car that shows the back of the interior. on this car you already saw the steel firewall, welded steel drivers floor, dzus buttoned pass floor and belly pan. this shot shows you steel around the driveshaft area, carbon tubs, flat carbon sheeting betweeen the tubs and a carbon fiber seat with it's insert.



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mark, i can't say it's not thin....it is but, apparently it's thick enough for the saftey required. in a one to one car, you always have the option to go thicker. the rules on this are only the minimums.

i got a p.m. requesting firewal shots on an outlaw 10.5. it really depends where you live and who's rules you follow. the blue mustang i've already shown is probably a good example.

here's the PDRA's  rule:

17. Firewall must be within 2” of stock location. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall cannot be modified for engine placement. Firewall will be measured from front spindles to any point from cowl to bottom of firewall and from outside of factory frame rail to outside of factory frame rail. Modifications (i.e. Sloping, slanting, etc) outside of the factory frame rails permitted. Any vehicle that is over the 2" tolerance but less than 4" ADD 25lbs. Any vehicle that measures more than 4" from factory will not be allowed to compete.

cecil county's rule:

4. Front Frame to be original O.E.M. type. (Stock front frame rails mandatory) Direct Bolt in aftermarket parts permitted. Firewall must be in the stock location. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall cannot be modified for engine placement
i down loaded these from the internet. if they aren't accurate or up to date. i can't help that. as you can see. the PDRA say's one thing, cecll county another. if you are getting "that"  involved in your build. you should look these rules up and make a choice as to what you wish to do.
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so....... to show the extreme diversity in "outlaw 10.5"  the rules i found here are the PSCA rules. these rules allow a full tube chassis instead of a "backhalf" car and the fire wall can be move to facilitate moving the engine placement. 

the PSCA rules:

Any chassis and suspension combination that passes NHRA safety standards is allowed.

Moving stock firewall rearward for engine installation permitted. Each car in competition must be equipped with a minimum of .024-inch steel or .032-inch aluminum firewall, extending from side to side of the body and from the top of the engine compartments upper seal (hood, cowl, or deck) to the bottom of the floor and / or belly pan.


like i said, IF you are going to build to that level of detail......do your homework. sanctioning bodies, geographic location, who sponsors the race, blah, blah, blah,... can all affect the rules and policies.

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