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Lotus Seven Replica - diary of a build F I N I S H E D

da Speedinger

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I made a radiator with an electric fan, the complete exhaust, gear lever with linkage and i added plenty of cross member (black) to the frame to form the transmission tunnel.
Progress is getting slower with all the details you have to take into consideration when designing everything by yourself.



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After a major fail with the first windscreen i took a much more sophisticated approach for my second attempt and succeded.
The frame is a 3 layer compound from 0.5 mm styrene, where the middle layer is a friction larger so the clear styrene is held by the 2 outside layers without glue.
Further more i managed to solve the steering box which i had put away for several times cause i did not find an acceptable solution.
Also made the seat, scuttle, first panels for the driver side, front anti roll bar and some mega cool trumpets for the SU carbs.



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Windshield V2.0 turned out really good, especially compared to V1.0. This time i could not mess it up with superglue, cause the frame is a 3 layer sandwich design and the window is not glued in the frame.
I'm very happy with the result, next on to the nose cone.




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Just some small progress: i added some more panels to the nose cone and then i made a hood and cheat louvred it using a left over part from a porsche 911 kit. Second pic is stolen from the web cause in my 911 chassis there is a 426 hemi sitting where this part originally was.




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1 hour ago, Italianhorses said:

Do you heat up the plastic so it takes shape after you tape it to the wheel?

thank you for the question. i glued it on the sheet styrene you already can see in pthe picture. after the glue is dry it holds shape and i can remove the wheel. i can then cut it off the sheet styrene, cutting sharply on the outside and leaving about 2 mm on the inside. then i turn it around and repeat the whole process.
you will see the result in my next post.

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