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Thank you for reviewing the entries, please click HERE to vote for your one favorite. All forum members are welcome to vote.

Now that all entrants are posted if you wish to leave ataboys and other comments please feel free. 

Thanks again to Lunajammer for organizing the poll again this year.



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Well... I made it! Here is My Resurrected Gulf Gas Service truck!  I built it as if it were pulled out from behind an abandoned Gulf station. New drivetrain,  bumpers, grill, weather stripping, and a special fuel tank that I'm quite sure will not run empty. That means this ole bone stock 6 banger won't have to make any stops!








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So, I kind of went in a different direction with this. The rules only said it had to be a inline engine, no other restrictions. So, I figured what cop would want to stop a stinky looking septic truck? So, the cab and chassis is an AMT SD White/Freightliner. I added the Turbo for more Go.

The septic tank and everything on the rear is all scratch built. The tank is PVC plumbing parts. In the Cannonball vein, the septic tank does not hold Poo, but hold enough fuel to go coast to coast without stopping. The drivers can stop to pee and grab some food, and hit the road again. SO, this is my Racing Septic truck.








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My entry is a Revell 1941 Willys Coupe, the Goodguys hot rod. Changes include wheels and tires from the AMT Phantom Vicky. The interior door cards were replaced with a simple pattern. The engine is a Lindberg Slant 6 mated to an AMT modern 5-speed automatic from the 300 kit I believe. An EFI system was added to the stock intake and an aftermarket turbo was added. The intercooler is cobbled together from a piece of radiator and some square stock. It is placed on the firewall to take advantage of the hood vent. There is a gap behind it, so the flow through nature of the intercooler is intact. The patina'd paint is just gently distressed enamels and acrylic washes. Nothing fancy.









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My entry in the 2018 Cannonball Run is a mix of the Monogram 96 Corvette Grand Sport, a wonderfully impossible little ...kit ...

and the Revellogram 98 Corvette Indy Pace Car ....one piece body ;) and a little of the 67 Corvette hood. The engine is an inline 8, turbocharged and cooled/injected by CO2...

Everything is computerized, and has the highest AI levels of any other systems,,...according to the brochures...

Autonomous Auto Racing .....lot of prototypical type stuff put into this one...:rolleyes:

Had a blast building it ..Thanks Rob for keeping this Community Build alive,...it's usually the only one I finish 

Cheers to All Cannonballers!!!














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Okay, I finally got some marginally acceptable pics of the Mustang taken.

Copy pasta from the other thread describing the build:

" Just for a brief review I started with the AMT 77 Mustang II kit. It's got the chassis out of a Revell kit of the same car. The engine is from the Moebius 69 F100, it's a 240 straight six that is accurate up to the 300 ci version. In my build it's a 300 with a custom cross flow head made from two 4.6 modular heads shortened and turned end to end. I made the intake and exhaust manifolds from Evergreen and used an Ebay turbo. I stretched the wheelbase about one inch and added the wheelwells from a 2005 Mustang that also donated it's front suspension and headlights to the cause. The rear suspension is from the AMT 350Z kit along with the side mirrors and spoiler. The seats and steering wheels are from the AMT Supra. The wheels are Factory81 20" BBS with tires from Ebay. I made the body kit from Evergreen and putty. "

I want to add I used the fuel cell and battery box out of the Phantom Vickie kit to relocate the fuel tank under the back hatch and put the battery behind the drivers seat.



And two from the other thread because I forgot to shoot this stuff while I was outside.


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Bugatti Royale Phaeton.
12.7 litre Straight Eight with Javelin Engineering DOHC cylinder head and 14:71 Supercharger mounted on sheet metal manifold.
Double A-arm independent suspension front and rear with four wheel drive.
Trunk mounted long range fuel tank.
Tools, spare wheels, doughnuts and an espresso machine carried in the rear under the tonneau.
Navigation, communications and are updates by the navigators mobile phone (now THATs a major difference to when we started this.  In year two I scratch built a full on computer set up for my co-driver - now you can do it all on a smart phone).
Truck wheels and tyres are utilised due to the vehicles weight.








Italeri 1/24 Bugatti Royale Coupe Napoleon.
Scratch built cylinder head, inlet manifold and exhausts.
Scratchbuilt gearbox.
AMT monster truck transfer case.
Scratchbuilt suspension using resin Ford 9" differentials.
Monogram High Roller Chevelle wheels and tyres.
Resin brake rotors and calipers.
Kit body cut down into a phaeton.
Tonneau from tissue and PVA
Seats from my parts boxes.
Eduard PE seatbelts.


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