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Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

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2 minutes ago, thatz4u said:

ANY news about the Styleside pickups yet????


Model Roundup has them both for preorder for January release, other vendors probably have them for preorder also. 

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9 minutes ago, carsntrucks4you said:

I'm waiting for a '61 Unibody. Please Moebius do it

AMT made the '61-'63 and they actually look like the full scale pickups. I'm glad I still have one more minty '62 promo in the stash for when and if the urge hits to build another one.

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Just received 2 '65 longbeds. This is the kit I was waiting for. Probably get another 2 in near future.  The long bed is unique tooling..  I can finally build a  65 or '66 F250 Camper Special.  Maybe Moebius will go one step further and offer the  8' Flareside body in this series, which  also can be expanded to use on  '53 thru '72 pickups.

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On 10/31/2018 at 3:41 PM, SteveG said:

Here's my finished version of the Moebius 66 Ford F-100 short bed pickup which is based on the second round test shot.  The tooling is about 95% ready to go at this point and final test shots should be available shortly.  Colors I used are Rangoon Red over Wimbledon White.  Still waiting on the decals which will include some scripts which are missing from my build up.  











Moebius is shooting for the first release to be before the end of the year, most likely it will be the 66 Flareside version.  Look for a display of these kits at the Detroit Show coming up next month. 


That turned out beautiful.... ?? Love that dual exhaust... ??

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On 12/31/2019 at 10:34 PM, niteowl7710 said:

Local Hobby Shop has both kits in...


I hadn't been through this topic for some time, and despite it being months later, I'm still going to comment on this. That countertop belongs to Auto Models LLC in Greensburg. For anyone in Southwestern PA, you owe it to yourself to go and pay John a visit. Friendly service, awesome selection, and great prices. Disclaimer: I'm an unpaid spokesperson, but I had to give praise for my favorite retailer. These are the guys we keep lamenting we're losing so especially in these strange times, it's wise to pay it forward to the Mom & Pop shops.

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