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I'm going to try to build another ship...... My first attempt was the USS Constitution, I'll use what I learned with it on this build. This is the Lindberg Captain Kidd ship........

So far I've built some cannons, and mounted them on the bottom tier of the decking.




This will be a long term project, but I hope you follow along......... Thanks

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I know that most Pirate ships were redecorated fleet ships that had been conquered, and my mind worries more about aesthetics than function, so please overlook it if this one is not the typical decoration of one of these.........

Thanks for all the positive comments!

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That looks REALLY nice.  Until recently picking up a bunch of Lindberg ship and boat models dirt cheap,  it had been mostly semi's for me. 

They are proving very enjoyable with the rigging and deck ropes, a heck of a challenge for a greenhorn such as myself.  Painting "wood" as well.  

To see such a nice job coming out of these "bargain bin" kits is very inspiring.  Keep it up!



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And a List of the Lindberg Pirate Ships, and their Real Names.

Lindberg Marketing                        Real Ship

Sir Harry Morgan Pirate Ship         Le Saint Louis

Captain Kidd Pirate Galleon           Wappen von Hamburg

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship                  La Flore

Blackbeard Pirate Ship                  Royal Sovereign

Again, you get what you pay for.  La Flore and Wappen von Hamburg have vacuformed sails; the others have solid plastic sails molded to the yards.  They have fair detail and are nicely shaped.  All have open gunports, but the method of molding the guns varies from full carriages and cannons to a row of dummy barrels molded onto a strip that is cemented to the interior.  Anyway, I believe them to be adequate for the price and they do build into reasonable ship models with effort.  You should check them out.

Some of these are old Pyro/Lifelike tools.

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