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I was hoping to find a copy of the instructions for the Jolly Roger kit online, but no luck. I will scan and post the parts you might be able to use in the morning. The JR kit has the same kind of sails and about 15 pages of instructions on rigging the sails. I am sure there is something there you can use.

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Rigging of these ships is quite a complex thing. Airfix do simplified rigging instructions on most of their model ship kits I would suggest downloading some of those.

Rigging of this ship would really add to it no end, you would be amazed at the transformation (it would be easier than doing the sails and it would have more impact imho) just start with the standing rigging and work out from there.

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Thanks a bunch, Guys.... Chris, I actually just got lucky with the way the deck looks. The first color I put on wasn't completely dry when I started dry brushing the second... It made it blend some. So I just did what "felt" right at the time, and it turned out okay!

Working on the sails, still, but I have a quick question....... were the anchors like a wrought iron? The instructions say to paint them "wood color and black"?


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