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Anyone ever deal with this outfit? I ordered a model back in July and never received it. They told me it was coming from Germany and to be patient. LMAO. I finally requested a refund in October because I found it elsewhere and they do not answer my request. I have been more than patient as all my emails with them show. They were fairly nice until that refund was requested. If you know them or ever had any dealings with them, positive or negative, please let me know. Hate to besmirch a model shop in a public forum, so I'll will refrain from that at this time. Thanx

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Seems like you're not the only one who got stiffed:


This outfit is allegedly located in South Canaan, Pa. and also has other "stores" like Model Plane Depot (aircraft kits), Hobby Wheels (model cars & accessories), Red Star Hobbies (Soviet/Russian equipment), Military Model Depot (tanks/afvs) and, prior to Trumpeter sending a C&D letter to stop passing itself off as an authorized Trumpeter distributor, Trumpeter Models. I emailed them to provide a physical address and store phone number because I would never deal with any business which can't prove it really exists. As expected, they never responded.

Why feel bad about posting negative comments about any vendor who is engaging in dishonest business practices? This business gave you, and others, the business. If they're bums, they need to be called out.

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Thanx for the detailed info. I only refrained because they had been cordial and I was patient throughout the nearly 3 month wait. I didn't want to come in here whining about my $32 loss and slam them just in case there was a legitimate reason and/or they were a member of this fine board. I always give the benefit of the doubt, up to a point of course. I filed a claim with PayPal which is the only thing I can do. I will, however, tell anyone I come across NOT to purchase from this "business". Thanx again for your reply.

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What is it about Pennsylvania?  Here's another outfit in Mayfield that seems to have the same business practices.  And the same Contact Info: none, except for an e-mail form. The link says "Wholesale Hobby Supplies," where the other one says "Retail."  But all the BBB complaints seem to be from retail buyers:


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This place is a clip-joint, never received the $175 worth of products I ordered, status update, or a refund. When I asked for an update on my order I was insulted and told I was on the BAD BUYER database. What a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAHing idiot. This outfit goes by the names of Hobby Models and Internet Hobbies. I've disputed the charges with my CC company and was credited some of the money back. Stay away from these BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAHing thieves.

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Hey fellas.  I've been doing some "researching" on this company as I had placed an order with them back in June of this year and have been getting excuses as the shipping date keeps changing.  The kit I ordered has been available in Europe since July - several eBay sellers and LEGITIMATE businesses (Hannants for example) have already had stock in and available.

Now maybe this old news, but during the course of my researching this company, I made an interesting discovery.  Their website posts the contact number 570-483-6918.  This is the SAME phone number as a company that I deal with several years back and experienced EXACTLY the same issues as many of you are now experiencing with HobbyModels.com.  Is anyone here familiar with a company called Internet Hobbies, also in PA.  Coincidentally, both are in the same neck of the woods, close to Scranton. 

If you pull their locations up on a map, HobbyModels.com has a PO Box addy in South Canaan Township.  Internet Hobbies' address is 504 Scranton Carbondale Hwy in Eynon, PA.  Route 6 flows off the I-81 by Scranton, passing Eynon and around Carbondale the highway name changes from Main St. into Canaan St. - starting to connect the dots to the addresses of each of these 2 supposedly different businesses yet?

The same phone number, very similar, nay, identical histories of not fulfilling customer's orders or responding to emails, types of complaints, I'd say that the clincher is the geography of it all.  I believe these scammers are one in the same.

I honestly do not know how to proceed with this to have it investigated further and properly.  There is something criminal going on here (bit of an understatement perhaps?).

I am contacting my credit card company in the morning to charge back the transaction and will pass along this info.  My hope is that someone here can or knows the right people to pass this information to so that it can be looked further into with perhaps the  appropriate criminal charges being laid.

There are more than enough scammers in the World as it is.  It would be great to eliminate one of them - wouldn't it?


Update, I just filled a complaint with the BBB and supplied them with the information in my post here.  I outright requested that law enforcement be made aware of these 2 (1 - ?) companies.


internet hobbies inc.JPG

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