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32 Ford Tom Gloy Lo-Boy Roadster - Update Nov28


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I am well on way to completing the necessary modifications to build a replica of Tom Goly’s Brizio built Lo-Boy 32 Roadster. This is a model of one of the two Deuce roadsters that appears on the front of the event t-shirt for Northwest Deuce Days t-shirt which takes place in Victoria BC July 19-21, 2019. The model will be on display at the accompanying model car show – Deuce Days in Scale. Tom Gloy a former very successful open-wheel racing driver, wanted his Deuce to be very fast and handle very well. To accomplish this the car was channelled over the frame with a Moal torsion bar suspension and a fuel injected Ford small block with a 5-speed transmission.

There is a great gallery of photos on the Brizio website that document the construction of the actual car.







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5 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Lots a interesting stuff going on here. Looking forward to seeing her come together.

Thanks Bill

5 hours ago, cobraman said:

That looks great ! Can't wait to see it finished.

Thanks Ray

4 hours ago, Lordmodelbuilder said:

Looking good so far. Subscribed!

Thanks Brad

26 minutes ago, Dennis Lacy said:

Awesome! I love the real car and your model looks well on it's way to being just as cool and a great replica. I dig the torsion bar arms you made up front. 

Also, thanks for the link to the build at Brizio's. 


Thanks Dennis

Some addition info and photos I failed to put in my original post.

The model is based on the Revell  “32 Ford Hi-Boy kit. I managed to fabricate the torsion bar front suspension but did not attempt to replicate the underneath of the car or the very complex rear torsion bar arrangement, as it will not be seen when the model is displayed. I had to come up with a transmission mount so I added some cross-frame tubing but not exactly like the actual car.

The small block Ford is from the kit with a Viper transmission added. The fuel injection system will be modified from the Revell ’29 Ford Roadster kit.

The wheels are two sets of fronts from the Revell ’30 Ford Coupe kit as are the tires and radius rods.

The body was channelled while the grill shell was sectioned and channelled. The rear fender openings were filled.


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40 minutes ago, Mr. Metallic said:


Thanks Craig - I have been working on the engine and interior this week and hope to have an update soon. Also fixing some items that I only noticed in the digital photos. I have really been enjoying this project. It is such an interesting hot rod being so sports car like.

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I have lately been working mainly on two aspects of the build - the interior and engine

INTERIOR – Replicating the interior was a challenge. I first did a lot of filling and sanding. Then added putty and bits of styrene. The grommets are drilled through. I applied Molotow chrome with a pin from the backside and I blanked off the holes with Bare-Metal foil. I am pleased with the results which good to the naked eye in spite of the blemishes the digital photo show. I think it should look even better once in the painted car with steering wheel, dash, shifter etc.


ENGINE – The basic engine is the Revell Deuce small block Ford. The transmission is from a Viper. The Hilborn fuel injection combines Velocity stacks from the 29 Ford Roadster Buick and a manifold from the AMT Double Dragster modified for Ford porting. The magneto was fabricated.


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Since last updates I have

-         Test fitted engine

-         Dull coated center of wheels

-         Assembled radiator with surge pipe

-         Got front suspension and steering system figured out

-         Foiled front wheel inner fairings

-         Added spacers to rear wheels to give more track

-         Installed mounting surfaces for taillights and license plate

-         Installed rear roll pan

-         Fabricated exhaust system


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9 hours ago, James2 said:

I'm like'n it just fine, nice work on the body mods too...

Thanks James - I am looking forward to getting color on the body. Although I know the actual car was painted a fifties Porsche shade it looks different in every photo. May have to get color mixed at an automotive paint shop.

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