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Has anyone here built the drag version of the AMT 1963 Corvette?

El Caballo

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Yes, I did a search.


I have the AMT Street Rods issue of the 1963 Corvette and I want to build the drag version and I want to know if anyone else has built that version. In the instructions they mention having to “enlarge” the wheel openings to fit the slicks, which to me means doing a radius of the wheel opening. However I saw the picture here and it makes me wonder if that is even remotely necessary. What I want to avoid is making a model that looks like the wheels don’t fit, I’ll never be satisfied with it, and will thus be driven mad until I change it or blow it to smithereens.


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If it helps, here's a survivor MPC '66 Vette drag car I recently restored/rehabbed. The body is very, VERY close in size and shape to the AMT body. As you can see, I didn't radius the rear fenders (and neither did the original builder). So that's what it'll look like. You could always go with a slightly shorter slick, or raise the body on the frame slightly if you think the clearance is too tight. 




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I radiussed the arches on mine, because I think it looks better.  I did add a slight flare to the top, because if you just hog out the wheelwell it looks weird. Edited to add: this is a mock up so th body is resting on the tyres - it will sit a bit higher when it's done.


Some of my inspiration photos.






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There is a web address on the box or instruction sheet. If you go to it, it has full directions on the mods need to fit the huge tire included in the kit. IIRC, it requires huge chunks to bt cut out of the chassis in to make everything fit. I went to the site once, right after I bought the kit, but don't remember much now.

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