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Alan Mann 1/18 scale 1964 Ford Falcon

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Difficult to research, but apparently it existed.

Link here to Alan Mann website, and Jalopnik.

Anyway, started out with a Biante version, which is actually a prodified Road Signature version.  What is curious is that Biante is usually considered to be top end, and Road Signature is what you find at Walmart, but I guess 1/18 scale diecast makes strange bedfellows.

Here's the Road Signature streeter:

35969270183_d093a5a277_n.jpg   36730944496_b32d5c475b_n.jpg  35969269993_e08a195423_n.jpg

Here's the Biante Tribute racer:

36730944896_13633803da_n.jpg  35969269893_03ab623b7f_n.jpg  35969270113_fc55914c5c_n.jpg

Here is a picture of the Alan Mann version:


And here's what we ended up with.  I have to give decaling credit to Brian Moore (4wheels).  I hate to put on decals.  I'm a mechanical man, I don't do cosmetics.  Painting goes outside my box, although if it is just one color, I can do that.

45916879241_63d639289a_n.jpg   32045967428_4dcc9c62da_n.jpg   30978299377_6b910222a8_n.jpg

Most significant change I made was to prodify the exhaust from whatever someone was thinking to something that works from a competition perspective.

32045971258_873629cd8c.jpg  45004669815_c51414f321.jpg

This is what I was hoping to match, but clearly I grabbed the wrong base color off the shelf (I do Testors rattle cans).

45004665765_5b4262252f.jpg  32045966248_cd43f89277.jpg

Clearly my maroon base coat is way too dark, but in my world, it is the thought that counts.

Brian did a great job on the roof, creating a profile that really worked with the body structure.


One thing I am proud of is the gear shifter, which if you look above, was black cast plastic, but in our custom, it has a black boot, a chrome lever, and a white knob.

45867562892_c12f54ea9f.jpg    45004657155_24ac443018.jpg 

Hard to see all the detail, but this was another "SuperGlue" tab, and go project.


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Nicely done indeed.  The result is super.

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22 hours ago, randyc said:



On 11/17/2018 at 12:53 PM, Gramps46 said:

Nicely done indeed.  The result is super.


My first "real" car was a 1964 Falcon four door, that started out with an in-line 6, which we swapped for a 289 out of a '67 Mustang.

That thing was a real sleeper, caught quite a few folks off-guard at the late night/stop light grand prix.

When I got into racing, though, my first car was a '69 Camaro, and I stayed GM throughout my entire involvement;  but in the back of my mind, there was always a love for the Ford Falcon.

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I actually got to see one of the America-based versions of this car race, back in the late 60's/early 70's.

Here are a couple of pictures I took at Texas World Speedway.



And another one from Dallas International Motor Speedway.


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I love this! Looks fantastic! Alan Mann's cars were always exquisitely prepared.  His Mark 1 Cortinas were some of the prettiest cars to ever hit a race track (including those campaigned in the Trans AM series!) Well done! 

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