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69 Camaro I call BAD NEWS


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Here is My "Street Outlaws" style Street Racer... Johnny Cash sang "Bad News travels like wild fire"... So I'm callin this Big Block, duel quad, ProStreet 69 Camaro The Bad News Camaro... I got this as a build up 3 weeks ago... and rebuilt it as fast as I could lol! These revell 69 camaros are in my wheelhouse as I've lost count on how many I've built. The old superstition is you don't paint a race car green so that's why I did it... "Now Go get that money" Hope you like it... The first pic is how I got it...







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Thanks Guys! Yes I agree, It's my favorite model kit ever made... The paint is Mystic emerald by Testors And to me it does look like Kelly green or Rally green depending on year... and those wheels although not my favorite are a specific choice due to the fact that I've built so many with every wheel and tire imaginable  lol... And these wheels are popular among the Drag racing community,  Kamikaze has them the Elco...

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Thanks to everyone for all the positivity. I think what helped the build move so fast was the fact that the body wasn't painted. thankfully the orginal  Yenko was molded in yellow.

I have built every version of the Revell Camaro since 1990  and here is some breif history surrounding the car. At the time the Revell-Monogram merger happened, the team knew they wanted a 1/25th camaro based on the 1/12th car. They worked hard to get the car released so fast... about 18 months from the initial proposal and plan albeit they already had the format with the 1/12th car. There are some differences between the two but by comparison they're the same car.

They're actually two versions of the blue Z28 one with the RS Grill emblem and then in an effort to correct their nearly perfect kit, a new grill was tooled without the RS badge due to consumer complaints and reports that the Z28 with the RS package didn't have that emblem. It's hard to find that grill nowadays because when the convertable was anounced the RS grill tooling was modified for the SS emblem. I was also excited to see the Pace car convertable anounced in 1994.

The decal sheet was outsourced and was a bad call as the company tried to use silver leaf backing and this caused the decals to disintegrate in water. This mistake was corrected about a year later however the initial sales were effected when word got around. The kit didn't have good sales until the box art was changed and the Pace car curse was lifted.

I have learned little tricks to improve on perfection like sanding the back from the grill to open it up. The dash is smooth all the way to the windshield  but if you trim off where the pad meets the actual dash on the real car and add styrene sheet to the back it makes the pad more realistic. The firewall has two tiny flat spots where the hoses would go into the heaterbox, they can be drilled and hose can be run for an extra detail. The doors are easy to open on this kit as well. I could go on and on but I think I'll start an On the workbench thread soon and show all my techinques.


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