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2018 NASCAR Monster Cup Champion


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Finished it up during the race, I am thinking Joey owes one now (rofl), anyways, decals are from Ace Decals, paint is Scalefinishes Pennzoil Pearl Yellow, tire decals from Powerslide, all my refinements done, lowered ride height, added some plug wires, new spoiler, splitter , wedge bolts and window bracing, rear camera pod and more.


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1 hour ago, bbowser said:

Another beauty from your bench!  Congrats to Joey, not my favorite by any stretch but he went out there and took it.  

The final caution caused by teammate #2 car, coincidence?

Actually, that final caution was caused by the #38 that pushed into BK. Racing incident is all.

Great looking build. Stance is perfect.

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Great job Jonathan.  Really outstanding work!

When I was watching the race, I saw the 19 limping around when Busch really needed the caution.  I thought that was highly convenient.  Then I saw the replay, but in any case, the guys who really needed the caution (18 and 22) had teammates involved, so the conspiracy theories can run wild if one wants to go there.  Logano had a short run car, and he got what he needed at the end.  His team planned for the fact that there could be a short run at the end.  Congrats to the 22.

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