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Johnny Lightning 67 Shelby GT 500

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Got this one last week.   Missing wipers, but I have a set.   I foiled the trim.   Painted backs of lights white - thanks Snake - looks good from some angles, but not all.   Wish I would have taken the taillights out when I had it apart and made some silver trim around the base of the lights.   Saw a photo of real one that showed that.   Thought I'd be able to foil but too small and tight to get foil to stick.   .   

Hood required some work to get it to sit down properly.   Radiator had to be filed a lot on corners - follow the exiting angle and regrooved across the top.   Cap sanded thinner as well.   Then, to get the back to sit down snug to cowl, remvoed hood hinge plate and put an .020 spacer between hood hinge and cowl to make it sit down lower when closed.   I think it's still hitting the brace on teh driver's side a little.   But the hood was very high when received.  

But I'm pretty happy with this one.  $22 delivered






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Very nice, looks great! I wish I could find a dark green one. I have two, one in a light, bright metallic green that's unlike anything I can find in any Ford paint chart of the era (in the ballpark with Chevy '72 Spring Green) and one in a dark blue metallic. The blue one is high on my list of get-to projects and shouldn't take too long once I actually get into it. 

I don't have that many Johnny Lightnings, but IMHO this is one of the better ones. Yours looks great! B)

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Nice modification.  Perhaps a tire swap is possible.  The letters do not do much for realism.  I've got the Hotwheels, Revell, JL and of course plastic kits of the 67's.

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