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Enter 1/16 Porsche 924

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Well, there were a couple Bandai versions, right?  I'm just trying to recall what made it to Entex packaging, because iIrc, the Turbo just had an engine bay insert while the n/a had complete engine detail.

Got a clean Bandai 924 unassembled (and NOT for sale) if anyone wants pics.  With all-opening panels, I'd put parts count at around 150+ for this one with a complete engine.  Kinda par for the course between this, the Jag XJ and the Lotus Esprit, all Bandai-tooled at 1/16 and Entex-boxed at one point or another.

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Turns out none of us was even close on the parts count for the n/a version: 249 on a conservative, one-pass count thru the instructions sheet, inclusive of various tubes and wires in the engine bay.

Here's what greets you on opening a Bandai box:


though many of the ones you come across in auctions might be missing the inner box dividers.  Here's the parts layout as seen in the instructions:



The engine/exhaust tree is satin plated and the lens reflectors are chrome. The four suspension pieces at the bottom are die cast metal.  Not pictured are non-functional suspension coil springs, fastener screws and rubber tires.

Not much to say personally about fit, but a model seemed to go together decently for the instructions and box cover.



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Thanks for those photos, Chuck. I'm 924/944 Fixated because of five owned, but only 2 out of build mode projects. This scale is too large for my preferences but looks like a nice kit and would make a good looking model.

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