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A Better Grill

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Over Thanksgiving I was visiting my daughter and grand kids in another state.  When I had a minute, I started working on my computer to design a new grill for the 69 Moebius pickup.  I have always hated the grill that the kit came with and I couldn't take it any longer.  My son-in-law had a 3d printer so I had him print some preliminary designs.  When I got back home I couldn't stop thinking about fixing this problem so I got back into it and redesigned, tweaked, and adjusted my design until I came up with this. I decided to go with a "Ranger" grill  with the emblem in the center and unfortunately had to "beef" up the smaller bars in order to have a strong enough piece to cast from.  It still needs some bondo here and there and some sanding and fine tuning but it is pretty close to being a usable piece. The headlight lenses from the kit fit into the cutouts nicely.  I would like to here some feed back on this piece before I cast it.  I am already working on a 67 and 68 grill to cast as well.  Thank you for looking and any help would be appreciated! 




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Thanks everybody!  I agree Sergey, it still needs some fine tuning.  I am working on thinning the horizontal bars a little and getting the headlight doors sanded around the light.  It is a VERY VERY small area to work in!  The upper area above the headlight will get a little bondo as this part is contoured out to the outer rim.  The vertical bars are recessed on mine and the 1:1 they are a little more flush...I did this on purpose as I new that a lot of sanding was going to happen and needed that "play" to still have something sturdy.  I will keep updating.  I am also working on a lot of conversion pieces for the Revell Chevy trucks to GMC so its a balancing act to make steady progress.  Thanks again!

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Hey Bill,

nice to see that I´m not the only one who wants to correct this. I have modeled the 69 grill too but wanted to make it available at shapeways.

Mine is still without the Ranger emblem but it can still be added and so anybody could choose which one he wants to have.



Done the turn signals as seperate parts and at mine the kit headlight lenses fit too.

Greets, Rico


P.S.: It was already printed successfully at shapeways but I haven´t got a pic. Have to ask my friend because he got it...

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Looks great Rico!  I didn't realize anyone was working on it...I haven't seen or heard anything on anybody working on one for quite a while.  Hope its a success for you!  I will continue on mine and see what happens with the casting...crossing fingers!  

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Update...I sanded the horizontal bars, filled some holes (still have a couple to do), put some bondo in the upper headlight bezels to get that contour, and added some putty to the turn signal bezels to widen them a little to fit the body better.  I primed it to see what still needs to be done and yes there is still some work to do!




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59 minutes ago, mikemodeler said:

I am interested in the Ford Grilles and the GMC grilles, where do I send my money?


Nice work, look forward to seeing them available, hopefully soon!

X2! Thanks Bill, we appreciate your difficult time consuming work  and in filling in the voids in our hobby!

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Update for those interested in "MY" progress.  I've been working on the 67 and 68-69 grills without the emblem.  I had to do a little re-configuring  on the turn signals to get a better fit on the body.  I also heated them up a little to get the bow across the front.  The kit has a little too much bow so a little grinding had to be done to the the front but nothing a seasoned modeler can't handle.  I still have some sanding around the headlights and here and there but hope to get these in a mold box soon.  Sorry for the same old story but I want them to be as good as I can get them before casting.  Thanks for your patience!IMG_0080.thumb.JPG.221e8658dfdfc73feeb2299f5c8bad2f.JPG


Test fitted the headlight and turn signal lens.



Couldn't help myself...had to see how they looked!

68-69 grill


and the 67 grill



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Update.  I made a mold for the 68-69 grill and after a dozen attempts to cast it, only 2 came out in one piece (extremely fragile) so plan B.  I reworked my models on a computer and printed them with my new UV printer and I think I will go that route instead of casting.  The parts are cleaner and stronger with some flexibility so they shouldn't break so easily.  I am not quite ready to market them just yet but VERY close!   What do you think of this idea??  Perhaps a coat of primer is needed to bring out the details???  Also the angle of the photo makes the grill bars look off center but they are good.  I will post more with progress.



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