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Sox and Martin cuda barn find

426 pack

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Here is my current project it is a revell Sox and Martin cuda that has been whethered and made to look like it has been siting forever ( The way I would want to find it) 

Thanks to the guys who helped me with the frame pictures and stuff. I haven’t started that part yet but I will hopefully start on the frame tomorrow. 

This is only my second attempt at whethering a model so if there is any thing you think I could do to improve it let me know and I will see way I can do. 




There is still a few things that I have to do to the motor but it is close to being done.


I know the valve terrain isn’t the most aureate but it was the best I could do with what I have.  

Thanks for looking and Comments Welcome. 


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jsut a minor suggestion....back then, it was all stickers for lettering and such.....I would have taken a few of the fender decals and ripped them to make them seem like they were pealing off....same with the door and rear quarter panel...you weathering is spot on! just a suggestion to bring even more life to it...

love the way that you have the paint pealing away from the body....

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