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Nostalgia Fuel Dragster--Scale Archaeology

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I just dug out this project I have barely looked at in nearly 20 years. I never had a decent camera, when I was working on it, so I figured I'd take some new photos of it--the way they came out, you might not suspect that I have a decent camera, now!

The chassis is brass tubing and rod. The nose and tail sections are K&S tin sheet that I formed over wood bucks, then soldered. Rust is fairly evident, especially on the tail section. The rest of the body panels are tooling aluminum (before I discovered 5"X7" aluminum flashing), and would be re-created in flashing, should I ever decide to revive this thing. All the body mounting tabs are cut from K&S shim brass. I made a jig from plexiglass, so that I could cut and drill them, uniformly. I'm not sure what caused this project to stall, unless it was because one of my non-modeler friends bent the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of the cowl--due to the softness of the tooling aluminum. I wish I could remember what I used to engine-turn the windscreens and firewall, because it's very nicely scaled! 

The engine mounted in the chassis is a late-model Donovan. Some of its "accessory" parts are visible, as well. In some of the shots, there is another engine. That one is a vintage Donovan I created using the block from the AMT Chrysler 300. I used Plastruct letters for the "nameplate" on the crank girdle. The oil pan and valve covers are laminated Evergreen strip and sheet. In one shot here, some of the smaller details are visible. These include the brake handle, chute release handles, master cylinder, Enderle barrel valve, throttle pedal, etc.

I had originally planned to create graphics from the old Header Flames board on Nitronic Research. I'd still like to do that, but, it's not too likely that I can come up with art to work from, at this point.

Comments and questions always welcome!










overall up web.jpg

parts 6 web.jpg

tank nose axle web.jpg


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Thanks, Brad and Goat Guy. I think the spark to continue downtrack with this has re-ignited! I removed everything from the chassis, but the firewall. I'm going to determine whether or not I can replace the mount for the steering box without having to remove it, first. I am going to attempt to build a new steering box around a worm and sector gear assembly I was playing with a few years back. I am also going to  try very hard to finish the Monza, before I jump fully back into this thing. Here are some shots of the stripped-down chassis.







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24 minutes ago, Bernard Kron said:

Great to see you back to doing what you do so well, scratchin' and bashin' in that real deal multimedia madness. This is already pretty breathtaking. I will be riveted watching this move on from here.

Thank you, Bernard! As soon as I started looking at it, for whatever reason, I knew I wanted to work on it, again, and it feels great! Like I said, I want to finish the Monza, first, but, this siren is singing loudly!

4 minutes ago, iBorg said:

I remember this.......you really need to do an article on making a body out of aluminum.  :lol: (inside joke from an old SLMer.)

Hahaha, Mike! Or maybe just finish one?! Well, this should give me plenty opportunity for photos to illustrate it, no?

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Well, I finished something that I'd neglected, before. The power train is now connected on a single shaft, from the crank snout, to the third member! I wish someone would start making the Strange nameplates for the differentials. I got these as a one-off deal an armor builder , here, did back in the mid-'80s. Don and I decided that we could use them, because he'd scratched one, and cast it, before there ever was one in a kit. Anyway, it's not much, but, it's progress. Before I continue, I am going to finish the Monza. I should have an update in a couple of weeks, or so.






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