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Decal emblems in 3D

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I've never liked the look of decals that represent emblems or scripts directly on the paint, because they look too much like decals, and not like three dimensional emblems. A simple fix is to put the decals on thin sheet styrene, cut them out, and glue them to the model. Much better 3D look.

This F-150 has been needing side emblems for some time now, with no good (or at least easy) way to get them added. Until Echoxrayniner came up with a solution, all the way from the Netherlands. His products are top-shelf, and I don't think he'll be happy until he fills every single gap in the hobby that can be covered by a decal. I ordered his exhaustively complete emblem sheet that covers three generations of F Series, and got to work.


These tiny decals are delicate, and an experiment with another one off of another sheet resulted in the decal breaking up when I tried to apply it to a piece of scrap. Pretty common, and the fix was to apply two coats of Microscale decal film. I then added the decals to pieces of .010" styrene, with the scripts going over body color blue paint and the XLT emblems going over red paint. The decals have transparent elements, so the paint will show the correct color through.


The edges rolled up a bit, so I stuck them back down with Micro Sol, then sprayed on two coats of Krylon Crystal Clear. After cutting the emblems out with an exacto knife, I painted the edges with a Molotow chrome pen.


I added them to the truck with my favorite adhesive for emblems and photoetch, clear enamel paint.



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