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Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car


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So, this is my entry into the P2P community build. If you don't know, the P2P is a race from Peking to Paris in Vintage cars, pre-76. I chose a 1941 Plymouth for this race.

So, these are the things that I changed, added or modified to make it a race car.

For the body, I opened up the fenders, removed the running boards and opened the trunk.

Trunk lid was covered in fabric to simulate a skeleton frame with vinyl/fabric cover to save weight.

Aluminum Fuel cell in the trunk as well as a second spare tire, chain and a tarp.

Suspension was lifted2in front 3 rear for added clearance, custom rear shock mounts and shocks.

Skid plate under engine.

Stock engine modified with a 4 barrel carb and a open air cleaner, real world this would be a 242 Desoto engine with stroker crank and a low compression for the bad fuel they would encounter.

5 speed Tremic T5 from a Ford was swapped out, new custom mounts fabricated.

Wheels and tires are from the AMT rescue van, off road AT tires front and rear.

Mud flaps on all 4 wheels made from painters tape.

Hood is flat black to reduce the glare, all stock chrome was left and BMF'ed.

Scratch built roof rack. Scratch built tool box and 2 sleeping bags for camping. Driving lights for night driving.

The interior has been fitted with seats from a Plymouth Prowler, Satellite Phone on the custom center console, CB radio, custom steering wheel, 4 point harness and roll bar, rear seat was removed and replaced with a flat cargo area.  

I am sure there were other things that I changed of modified, but that is all I can think of right now.

I have to say that some of my favorite builds are the ones that I have done for a Community build or other build where I am building to replicate a vehicle that "could have been" like this car, my Cannonball Septic truck, 40 Ford Gasser, etc. Hope you enjoy.

Also a big thank you to Pete J. for the awesome decals he supplied.













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36 minutes ago, tbill said:

I would drive the wheels off of that! That is a cool build, love the roof rack and it’s contents. Well done!

X2!! I really like that. B). I really like that 40 ford gasser you built too!

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Looks almost to pretty to inter in such a Rally. I like all the extra details you crafted with the bungy hold downs on the roof rack and the spare and chain in the trunk. Well thought out Rally car. 

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On 12/12/2018 at 7:19 PM, landman said:

Well done.I’ll copy some of your mods if they aren’t copyrighted.

No copy rights here, feel free to copy anything you want. 

Thank you everyone for all the comments. 

On 12/12/2018 at 8:44 PM, Lunajammer said:

Wish I could bang 'em out that quick to that quality. Well done. You've set the bar for the rest.

I can only get them done that quick because I get a lot of bench time. I am lucky and work from home. My "work" is done from the same desk as my models. Computer and phone at one end, models at the other. I help customers fix problems with industrial machines. Tech Support. While I listen to them talk, I keep my hands busy doing this. I have ADHD and this helps keep me from going crazy. I sometimes sit for 20 minutes at a time waiting for the customer to pull something apart and put it back together to test an issue. Models keep me same and from hitting the end of the internet. 

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