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Big Wheel Little T--1/32 rod with 1/25 wheels & meats

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Been a long road to here, but here we am. Got this here little 1/32 scale Lindberg '25 T bucket to do a quik little build pokin fun at them donks, by puttin some 1/25 scale wheels on it.


Tables weres turned on me tho, as I got into it, couldn't help myself and started detailing it to the best of my abillillity.


The wheels & tires are from the AMT Boydington 32 coupe. They weres dechromed then sprayed with DupliColor 'Chrome' which weres then dulled just a tad with a thin wash of black acrylic and wiped. The body & grille house wered spayed with the DC 'Chrome' and then DC 'anodized purple' which dried powdery :D . Wet sanded and rubbed them down with a used dryer fabric softener sheet (see my signature :lol: ) then I added the flamy decals from the 40 Ford again, I think, then some Tamiya clear stuff...... Anyhows, got that purple shinin and put some Turtley Wax on it too.


Scratched the front end, usin sprue and my

brandy new heat gun :D


kit bashed the rear end using 'discs' off'n toy choppers. Scratched the headlight buckits outa the ends of a couple ball pointy pens. Used a drinking straw for the scratched gas tank with hubcaps from a 40 Ford for tank ends, thanks to 84Vanagon's suggeztion. Drinky straws for them big honkin pipes comin off the coat hanger wire headers (don't think I'll do dat again--least not in 1/32 :P )


Whacked the air cleaners offn the trips and used coffee stirrers for da stacks. Popped one of them stirrers on the generator makin it heavy duty. Wired the Caddy (fantasticly detailed engine outa da box by Lindberg, btw) with 30 gauge wire from RadShak which were white, and I had ta paint yeller after it wered put in place :lol: . Used one of them chicken feather brushes and all went well.


got an incredible day o sunshine the day I finished her up and got some very groovy pix--these last two are my faves :lol:



I think I done learnt my lesson :lol: Hope yinz all enjoy the pix.

Ifn anyone feels so inclined, they's 117 <ahttp://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png' alt=':P'> pix in my fotki, of this here build http://public.fotki.com/V866/big-wheel-t-rod/

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:lol: WellCrap'n Now I can get some sleep! Watchin you workin on this one's dun tired me out! All them nites wonderin how's ya waz gonna do this or that waz quite the ordeal. But now it's dun an it definately looks great! Like Gramp's already said, " I'm proud o' ya son!!!" :lol::lol::lol:
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I've been following this one the whole way. I gotta say great job! Lots of imagination on this build. I built one of these as out-of-box about a year ago and I really liked it. I have a couple of different Lindy' kits to bash together now, and you got me motivated and thinking which parts to scavenge for another 1/32 build. :lol: I need to see what I can do with the 32 roadster in the pile. :lol:

Again, GREAT JOB, and I can't wait to see what you have next! :lol:

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Thanks tons guys. Sure was fun, and I'm glad I did it--NOW. Don't know when I'll do another 1/32, but I aint afeard to now, and I'd encourage anyone else who might be thinkin of tryin one to just do it. Like Factory54 and Dub have said, even buildin this kit outa the box would be cool. Really suprised me the details molded into that little Caddy engine. I always liked them old HAWK, Lindberg, and Pyro kits with no chrome, just 'silver' parts instead.

I do gotta say, too, George, you had me wonderin there for a spell with yer callin me yo son :D --Geezoman, George! I aint right ta beginns wiff, specially wondrin ifn Gramps is me pap??? :o so's I checked yer birfday---April Foosl day!!! 1953!! ---WHEW! coz far as I been told I popped in 52, n efen I knos me pappy caint had beend borned affer me!! (right? :unsure: )


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:lol: ######'n, Afta Livin in Deeetroit all me life, workin in Deeetrot fo TOO frickin long(southwest and Northeast) and Givin the General 32 years o' my life an da Marines 36 months, you'd be zuprised at wat I can do! But NO, I ain't yo Daddy, Grampa, or Unkly,Jus yo fren, an if you ain't luky, I'll move in witchu wen the ol' lady throes me out an we'll be ROOMIES! But I guess it don change nuttin, cuz the Lil Tee is finally done, under glass,An LOOKEEN GOOOOOT! I am prout o' u MY MAN!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::P (oh yeah,It's called a TIME PARADOX,an it's NOT SUPPOSED to happen,BUT it DOES) Edited by george 53
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That did turn out pretty cool. I also watched the progress. I wasn't very sure when you first started, but it did grow on my & I think you pulled it off. Nice cool fun looking build.


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