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Amt 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air


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On the bench now, AMT's latest issue of the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, body is really good, only a few mold lines to sort out, around the inside of the front wings, and a few marks where the body was cut off the molding tree, and thankfully the attachment points for the chrome bumpers are located at the base of them, rescribed the panel lines for the doors using my trusty panel scriber bought in Japan, there's a few parts in this kit including some very nice photo etch parts, sadly one of side trims has a kink in it, so they will be done using BMF,  however the front grille will be used.








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A little more progress on the 57 Chevy, engine halves glued together, fuel tank halves fitted together, and a lot of engine parts ready for assembly,  also removed some plastic from the back of the bootlid, (Trunk) and the lip on the body, as the bootlid did stick up a little past the body lines.





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Used the chassis and floorpan clamped together so I could get the rear axle and springs glued together, fixed the front seat parts together and filled the few gaps in the back with bondo and sanded smooth,and dry fitted the interior parts onto the floorpan, the parts fit is pretty good so far, got a load of other parts ready for primer.







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11 hours ago, Belugawrx said:

Looking good so far Geoff.

Will you paint the entire underbody as a unit, then detail paint..?

All the parts on the underbody are only dry fitted in place, the axle and springs have been fitted together and will be painted as one, but the chassis and floorpan will be airbrushed separately.

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Paint arrived a few weeks ago from MCW Lacquer, also managed to get the bodyshell and body parts in primer, hopefully I'll get the roof panel painted in the week, there were mold lines under the headlamp recesses that I had missed that the grey primer showed up, so after getting those sorted, the front wings needed to be re-primed, while waiting to get round to doing the primer, I got the headlamp housing detailed and fitted the lenses.







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Nice work, Geoff. I wish I could get better with airbrushing. Using the rattle cans is a hit-or-miss. Do you airbrush the primer too? I've never primed the little parts since it requires tedious scraping away of the enamel paint or primer to get the glue to adhere. Is there a secret I don't know about for gluing together painted parts?

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