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Help starting 1962 Pontiac NASCAR build

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I was really happy to see this site back up and running! I want to build a 1962 Pontiac stock car, maybe Fireball’s or Junior Johnson’s. 
1)What kit would be best to start with? 
2) Where are good sources for reference pics?
3) How would I need to go about building the roll cage?
4) What other modifications would need to be done for a accurate kit?

Thanks for any help you might provide!

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Lots to cover there.......My basics.....

AMT kit.

PPP tires and wheels.

Roll cage cobbled together from kit parts and Plastruct plastic rods. 

Tamiya paint. Penngwen Hobbies decals.

Modes are pretty simple depending on how deep you want to go. This shelf model has the gutted interior. Otherwise it's pretty stock....much like the real cars. Cup cars of that era ranged greatly....unlike today. Some were frame off race cars.....lower teams modified showroom cars. Reference? Check Randy Ayers website and Google pics of the car you are doing....thx



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If you want a '62, I think the AMT is the only game in town.  Dave's tips are spot on.  I don't know if anyone has tried mating the '62 body with the Moebius '61 chassis, that would give you the roll cage, steel wheels, race interior.


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Hi, sounds like a fun project. I'm attaching photos of a pretty good reference book for older NASCAR builds. Basic information but the photos are good and you should be able to get the book cheaply. As for the kit, use the AMT kit pictued. The white '62 Pontiac in the picture is an original AMT Kit. They are harder to come by, are a bit expensive, and you would have to do a lot of modification, especially to the side trim. Looking forward to seeing your progress!




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