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This Ford F-1 is painted Testors Mythical Maroon and Duplicolor Cashmere Beige, covered with Testors new clear coat. It was dropped into the weeds by using the dropped front axel and trimming the front and rear leaf springs. The 351 Windsor is actually the 1/24 289 From the Revell GT 350 Shelby Mustang ( with the slightly larger scale 289 it represents a 1:25 scale 351 Windsor very well!) The seats are from a Plymouth Prowler, parts box steering wheel and tilt steering from the metal part of an old brush ( looks like a tilt steering wheel ). The wheels and tires are from the new Revell '55 Chevy and look good for this model kit (IMHO). Wooden bed was done by painting with dark tan, dry brushing with Testers Rust, covered that with clear yellow and sealed with Future floor finish.Still need to finish the exhaust and add rear taillights, turn signals and licence plate. BTW, has anybody ever got the hood to fit just right on these F-1 kits?????post-662-1219470481_thumb.jpg

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BTW, has anybody ever got the hood to fit just right on these F-1 kits?????

I did manage to get a better fit on the hood but it took adding strip plastic to the trailing edge and bottom edge. I also had to work on the cowl area. Here you can see where the plastic was added. It was a lot of sanding and fitting to get it right.


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