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Duel movie Plymouth Valiant


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Hey Guys, I wanted to share a new project that I’m starting. I’ve collected most of what I need to start. This is really a continuation of what I started when I did the evil truck from the movie “ Duel “ starring Dennis Weaver, who drove the red Valiant as he was chased by the truck. From what I’ve learned they were several Valiants used. One of which having the 318 V8, but the one he is supposed to be using is the slant 6 Valiant, explaining why its such a pooch. There’s a scene where he’s at the gas station and the attendant is checking under the hood and tells him his radiator hose is bad. I cant recall if they show the engine, but I don’t think so.  I know this one’s been done before, but I just felt I needed it to complete the movie set. Plus, I saw it as another challenge to make a 4dr from the 2dr kits. 

At least I got the plate! Here’s some pics from the starting point. The Dodge 330 will provide the drivetrain. My plan is to use the front clip from the 71 340 and mate that to the 68 Dart. Here’s a pic of the truck. 






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Here's some side profile and rear shots for the window backlight area. I've wanted to make this same car, but these areas seem very daunting to me.

Hope they help you with proportions. Best of luck.

BTW - I read that the height of the sedan roof is taller and more vertical than the 2 dr hardtop.

Also note that the rear backlight has a complex, compound and concave shape to it.






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They used 2 Plymouth Valiant's in the movie one had the slant 6 and the other one had the 318.   The gas station scene with the attendant does not show the engine when he opens the hood, but the actual Valiant that Dennis Weaver drove was with a slant 6.  But there is one scene where they show the dash and it has factory A/C so I'm guessing in this scene they used the Valiant with the 318.


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Thanks for the pics! They will help out a lot. I wish I could’ve found a resin of it, but I’ll give it a shot. I can see I’ve got a lot of work to do on it! The hubcaps are going to be a project in themselves! At first, I thought it was red, but the pics do look like Hemi Orange now. I’m not sure how to scribe the rear doors...in the plastic or put a skin coat of bondo and scribe that? Thanks for the help, it’s greatly appreciated.

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Just a thought, but with the '64 Dodge kit you have there, its roofline will get you part of the way. The rear window will be tricky. That might need to be vacuformed if you want the shape to be close.

And yes, the sedan's roofline was about a ½" -1 " taller than the hardtops.

BTW, here's the thread where someone was doing a Valiant conversion. He was doing pretty much the same thing you're doing now.


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Well, I made a little more progress. I opened up the area for the rear windows and removed material from the back of the roof. I then flattened out the area at the bottom of the roof by the trunk and made a filler piece. I’m not unhappy but I keep thinking the height of the roof is not tall enough for a sedan... anyway here’s more pics. Thanks for looking!




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