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1981 DeLorean DMC-12 time machine


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Finally finished this model I built for a friend of mine for a Christmas present. First model I have completed in over 15 years! It's a Polar Lights Back to the Future "Time Machine" but this one they included the "DMC" on the grille. It's a snap-together and it's one scale smaller than the AMT-ERTL/Aoshima kits with a lot less detail, but I made due. Here is some of the WIP pics to show the interior details and the completed car. The only details I added outside of the box-stock car was the gauges (the square gauge on the plutonium gauge cluster is hand-painted), Ken's Kustom Fuzzi Fur carpet flocking, the  braided wire on the lightning rod and the thin wire I wrapped around to hold it in place, and the "GoodYear Eagle GT" decals I got from Joseph (Fireball Modelworks). The decals alone transformed the car and gave a much more accurate look. I also couldnt stand the chrome plated wheels, so I stripped and painted them with flat aluminum, then detailed the center caps and lug nuts.

Anyway, without further ramblings, the DeLorean...












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Thanks! The earlier released bodies were almost a brushed chrome and was way too bright. These recent releases kit bodies are much more realistic. I was very pleased with the quality of the brushed stainless finish, but it was a nightmare to get paint to stick to it. If I ever build another one, I am going to scuff the finish off the areas that paint is required so it doesnt flake off. 

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