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1990 Ford CVPI

Terry Jessee

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Working on Greg Wann's '90 Ford Crown Victoria. Parts are very nicely cast with few problems. I have a couple of small bubbles in the lower quarter, but those are easily filled and have not created any problems on the outer surface. Think I might have to pop the front fascia loose on the left side and raise it a little, but may just be the camera angle. We'll see.

Noted a little interference between the chassis and interior floor that tends to push the chassis (and wheels) slightly rearward. But a little careful removal of material on the chassis seemed to help. I also cut away part of the rear wheel wells to allow the chassis to snug up to the interior. The interior is cast so thin that there's no material available to remove there. But this seems to have fixed the problem.

I cleaned up the inside surface of the A-pillars a bit and cut the windshield to fit. It snaps in because there's a ridge on the inside of the A-pillars and the header which holds it well. May need some adjustments as I complete the interior but the windshield fit is sharp and crisp at this point. Looks good. Very clean vacuformed windshield.

As with any resin kits I've worked with, there is some fitting and "massaging" (as Tim Boyd calls it) as you build one of these. But this is a nice kit. I'd like a couple more.

Mine is going to be a California Highway Patrol cruiser. Love black and whites.

Heard that the Chevy Nova sedan is up and running. Got myself an MPC Nova coupe waiting.



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