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2018 Completed Builds


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Thanks guys!

The Westy's 1981 upholstery was my second attempt at decal seat patterns. I had to epoxy the van's roof on to straighten the body that had warped from being stored unbuilt in my attic since the 1990s.  I'd planned to scratchbuild the utility hookups/vents that the real one has on the opposite side, but as the build went on, I decided to focus on cleaning up my building techniques.

Hopefully, I can have more to post on here for 2019!

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On 1/13/2019 at 9:40 PM, ismaelg said:

Nice!  Love that second RX-7.   One of my dream cars when I was a teenager.

Mine too, hence the double build!  I'd planned a yellow build for a kit I had in my stash, and then I couldn't resist when Revell's recent release had decals for the plaid interior, so I did the brown one. It's a 69 Pontiac color from Scale Finishes that looks like a Mazda color.

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