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'50 Ford F1 street truck


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The chassis and drivetrain for this truck are from the Willys coupe kit. When I saw the huge amount of space available in this engine bay and the last unbuilt Willys kit on my shelf I knew something had to be done, so I popped a fresh cutting wheel in the Dremel, sprayed a bunch of little plastic bits all over the floor, and glued together what was left over:



Aftermarket air cleaners and coil were added. I was glad to find out that the hood cleared the top of the engine:



The exhaust tips are from one of the old AMT '55 Chevy kits (Bel Air or Nomad):


A monster truck rim and sheet styrene were used to make these wheel tubs:


The soft styrene that's used in today's kits can be a drag, but on the bright side, it sure bends easily!:



I like the way the sun reflected in the camera lens on these last two photos:



Here's the link to the in-progess thread:

in-progress thread

Thanks for checking out the finished project!

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I like the way the sun reflected in the camera lens...


The old Hand-Of-God effect! :lol:

Great modeling. Super stylish, full of superb craftsmanship and brilliant technical solutions. As always JayVee, you made it all look so effortless. Those who have missed out on the W.I.P. really must see what went into this truck. There's so much more to this build than these exterior shots can show.

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WOW! Great build love everything bout it where are the wheels from?

Thanks Tom, the rims are from the latest release of the kit. They were widened and fitted to Pegasus tires. I show some pics of them being made in the "in-progress thread" shown at the link at the bottom of the starting post of this thread.

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Kinda wish I hadn't shown mine now! LOL!

nah, your version is very cool Mark! btw, regarding the hood fitment that you mentioned, I found that the front fenders droop down a bit on this kit so I had to lift them up against the front of the cab and glue them at the contact points. On my build this was a big issue because until I propped up the fenders the hood wouldn't shut. One of those final assembly surprises!

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That turned out really nice! Love the color with the wheels. Everything turned out really nice. I will have to get some of the old 55 Chevy kits. Great job! Another fine addition to your great collection. Thanks for sharing.


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