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BRBO International Paystar 5000

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36 minutes ago, Rusty92 said:

Pat, what are you using for the lines on the engine? Clear bead line of some sort? And as for the hexagon fittings also? They look great!

The clear stuff is Cousin D.I.Y. .5 mm clear stretch cord. The gold stuff is 24 GA Cousin beading wire. The copper stuff is 30 GA Artistic Wire. The larger silver stuff is 22 GA bare wire. Most are from Michaels and /or Dollar stores. The hex fittings are No.11 Fusion beads, https://www.fusionbeads.com/Size-11-Metallic-Dark-Bronze-Hex-Japanese-Seed-Beads-by-Toho-222

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On 2/8/2019 at 9:11 AM, landman said:

Started playing with the air lines. I see I forgot the fittings at the junction block.




Also, there is this in the kit which looks like it is either optional or extra. Looks like a very heavy duty rear axle.


These are great kits that go together surprisingly well. The issues i remember with mine were the rear suspension has a small rake to it and i also used Aitm wheels on the front of mine, which look great but i had to do  a lot of cutting to make the wheels sit in closer to the frame......those extra suspension parts are for the DM 800

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Plumbed the front end using a sketch found here. The two loose ends will connect to the valve under the foor below the brake pedal. I see some of the fittings on the tank have moved.




Making up an air dryer. it will be between the tanks and the compressor.


Where do the fuel lines connect on the tanks? Is the rectangular fitting where they go or is it underneath?



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I think I have my answer for yesterday's question.


Air dryer is mounted and hooked up. Next comes the fuel lines.


Am I going to run into grief by mounting the cab floor to the frame now? It would allow me to connect those air lines before painting the frame. the instruction have you mount it to the cab first.


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20 hours ago, landman said:

Thanks. At least we have the pictures here to refresh our memory.

It is amazing how much detail we put into certain builds for it only to be seen in photos, cause once it’s in the display case , we hardly look at the details. We are a crazy bunch, aren’t we? Haha....

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