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1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible


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Started way back in 2002, it is painted with some Testors' enamel green metallic that I don't remember the name of, but like the color.



I was never happy with the black stripes but you know, it's either get rid of it or complete it, so I'm going to complete it.



440 six pack from the kit. I had to trim the inside of the air cleaner to fit and also trim off some of the transmission where it fits in the crossmember to get it all to fit properly.


I've waited so long to get this built, the windshield frame has bowed. I am hoping I can straighten this out when I put the front glass in.

Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.

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You might try holding just the top of the windshield frame in some very hot water, then put some rolled up cardboard paper between the cowl and the frame in hopes that it will correct some or all of the bow in the frame. The glass will go a long way to help but I think if you can get most of the bow out before assembly it should negate any gaps at the corners of the windshield. 

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When I restored my original Monkeemobile, I had a windshield frame that was bowed almost that badly. What I did was tape and clamp the glass securely in place and epoxy one side, and then when that was dry, epoxied the other side. It came out just fine without the risk of ruining the thin part with heat. 

BTW, you should consider entering this in the Bring Out Your Dead Completion Build. Sounds like it easily qualifies as a "stalled project," and it looks like you can GITTER DONE by the end of March. B)



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