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What diecast did you get today?


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I would have never thought a year ago I would be collecting or even looking forward to 1/64 NASCAR diecast. Our Targets and Wal-Marts have been slow to get new releases, but one Wal-Mart finally filled the pegs with all nine of the Authentics 2021 first wave the All Star Race cars. I picked the two I wanted. The next wave has been released, it's race winners. I don't know when they'll hit our stores.



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If you guys ever see the ERTL Harleys and like collecting such, they are EXCELLENT models.  Only produced for a year or two (I think) but have some details that will blow the Maisto 1/18 and 1/12s away.   

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7 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

Hey it is a racing Porsche!  I really like it with opening doors, posable front wheels, and a roll cage from BBurago and less than $20 plus shipping.


Great looking Porsche and great price!

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Got poke in the arm #2 today, and while I was wandering around Walgreens waiting for the spousal unit, I picked this up. Looks very nice and was only $9.99. Needs a little Rodent-Fu but that won't take much time. When we bought the 2018 Focus (new) the dealership had a white 2012 Boss 302 on the outside showroom pad. I really like them, and they were a helluva track monster until being eclipsed by the current generation Mustangs.



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