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Revell 60’s Beetle Baja Bug


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 Been a slow build working a few minutes here in a few minutes there. I finally cast a set of good usable tires after running through my resin supply. I’ve added a front passenger foot rest and front bumper and built a completely new front beam and shock towers to raise the front suspension a little bit. I originally modified the kit supplied beam, raising and widening it a little bit and it was just not giving me the look and strength I was looking for.  I also end up separating the transmission/engine mount away from the firewall by cutting the mount area away. I’ve never cared for the way Revell  originally molded the firewall and this being in a Baja, it will be completely visible.  I also originally added a small strip above the firewall to compensate for the body lift I made. After separating the mounts I was able to remove the strip and just mount it in place. Wheels, cage and bumper all painted with metallizer aluminum buff And slightly polished with a paper towel. Extra thick drums were added also to widen the rear stance  as well as adding more positive camber to the back wheels to Simulate a raised rear spring plate. I’d like to eventually make some Lugnuts for the wheels and next will come the rear bumper and assembly and paint of the engine. My daughters black hair tie holds everything together while I mark up the body and pan





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