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6 hours ago, Belugawrx said:


I'll be trading bench time between them it seems,...

Next up painting Arie

I will get back to the regularly scheduled build in a bit..


Hope you start a new thread for this build Bruce, off to a nice start. 

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It's been far too long between updates... So heres one


got the engine mounted to the cockpit, now all of those sub assemblies have a place to be mounted.


(I see I will need to upgrade my camera,...these pics are terrible)

I've been slammed at work all summer, and have only managed an hour at most at the bench per week. 

questions,comments, always welcome


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On 10/9/2020 at 12:25 PM, Chris Smith said:

Taking shape my friend! Only a matter of time before she’s complete.

Thanks Chris .. The next step is the body , paint, and decal..keep our fingers crossed ?

I bought a new camera and theses are test shots of progress so far..




Some more wiring and plumbing to do yet.

Questions and Comments always welcome



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19 hours ago, cor said:

I like the weathering. It gives a level of realism you dont often see. Im thinking of building this or the 312B. Great job.


6 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

Love it!  When I was a teen, built Niki Lauda's car, loved the kit, ruined the wheels.  Looking awesome.


18 hours ago, Brudda said:

Very nice sir!!!!


On 10/28/2020 at 4:13 AM, Kemszi said:

It's looks amazing, the details are fantastic, and stunning?


On 10/27/2020 at 9:51 PM, Chris Smith said:

Looks fantastic! The new camera does your build justice. I am digging everything about this car... just don’t get overly critical. Way too easy to overthink or over analyze what you have done. I think your doing a outstanding job!!


Thank you all for the interest..I am slowly getting back to the bench with this one.

The pandemic has not changed my work schedule one bit, still out there working my butt off.

Stay safe and build something lol


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Welp, I thought it was time to pull this one out and finally finish something...

She's up on all fours, just a bit more plumbing to do, exhaust hold down springs, wire the instrument cluster, and on and on..


I wet sanded (1000g) the body shell and shot it with 3 coats of Duplicolor #CBVW2037 Tornado Red..I'll wait a couple of days and repeat the process.


Glad to be back at the bench




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