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Looking for 1/16 scale tires & wheels

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Anyone know where I could pick up a set of 1/16 wheels and tires. I have the 1/16 Minicraft '31 Ford & would like to update the tired & wheels.


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Some kits are getting parted on eBay right now. There’s a seller who does some 1/16 wheels in resin- just search for “1/16 resin” and they come up. 

Also- do a web search for “Competition Resins” or “Ted’s Modeling Marketplace”, or go to www.slixx.com for some other 1/16 offerings. 

Finally, there are a few 1/16 items available at www.shapeways.com. The search engine on that site is a little tough to use, but start with “1/16 wheel”, or even just “1/16”, follow the links to the stores within Shapeways that look likely, and you will find some things. 

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3D Specialties on Shapeways also has 1/16 wheels.


And forward resin on ebay has some. I highly recommend his, the casts are better than most found in kits. I used a set of his 1/12 on my camaro.



Also watch WalMart for sales on diecast, you can sometimes pick up a car with a nice set of wheels for the same price or less than what most ask for just the tires and wheels.

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