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Does anybody have a recommendation for a good, REALIABLE on-line source for Tamiya paints?

I've been to websites that "carry" the entire line but seem to always be out of stock on most colors.

I've been to websites that are annoying and inconvenient to navigate and can't easily find what I want.

Micro Mark seems to only carry the 23 ml bottles, not the 10 ml ones I want.

I'm not interested in spray cans.

The nearest Hobbytown to me has a big rack for them but can't seem to keep it any where near stocked.


Help!  #frustrated 

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Thanks everybody. I've checked most of these out. Sprue Brothers seems to have the highest prices. But everybody else is out of stock on X22 Clear Gloss and Black Panel Liner.


So I guess it's off to eBay for me.  :)

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I was going to mention that you can buy directly from Tamiya in California, but I went on their site and saw that many of the 10ml bottles show "sold out".

Guess it's time to buy extras of your favorite colors when you find them.....

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I buy from Tamiya USA's site. Occasionally an item is out of stock, but clearly marked as such. Always have had fast service from them. I almost never use the bottle paint, only the TS sprays.

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So, I found the black panel liner I wanted on eBay and bought it. All of the bottles of X22 clear were either in Hong Cong or Taiwan. Most had free shipping but are saying four to six weeks for delivery. Not good.

Oh yea, and one was $2.50 for the paint, $3.81 for shipping!!!!


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8 hours ago, Xingu said:

I have purchased items that said 4-6 weeks for delivery and received them in less than 2 weeks. Not sure if paint has to sit in customs or not.

I just bought(well, it was few a months back ) three bottles of the new lacquer jar paints from a Taiwanese seller on Ebay, the est shipping time was like two months, it took less then two weeks,  so as you trying to point out, you cant always trust that estimate that is given.  

Try this guy,  I use this guy for some Mr Hobby Products, his prices are very reasonable, his shipping is reasonable, he combines shipping too


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Follow up number two.


The five bottles of X-22 clear gloss that I ordered from an eBay source in Taiwan on March 9th arrived today, April 1st.

Not bad I suppose and I now have plenty in stock.

I'm happy.  :) 

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