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Volvo 240T triple build


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Hi guys,

Last year I did a triple build of Hasegawa's TWR XJS Jaguar and enjoyed the experience so much that I decide to repeat the feat this build season.  I knew that I was probably only ever going to build 3 Volvo 240Ts in my lifetime so I decided to do them all at once.

This was the 1st one finished. It won the Australian Touring Car Championship in 1986 in the hands of Kiwi Robbie Francevic.

Tamiya TS26 white with AS-4 grey violet,  Scale Production wheels and tyres and decals from SK decals. I had to convert this one to RHD so I made my own RHD dash for it and modified the floor pan to RHD.


This was the second one finished. It was a race winner for Robbie Francevic in 1985 at the Tasmanian round of the championship. I made a new box type fuel tank and relocated the rear air jacks to match references of the 1:1.

Tamiya TS17 Alum with TS12 Orange and TS15 Blue. The decals are mostly my own except the Castrol and Champion logos. Scale Production mirrors and wheels tyres and the BBS decals on the front wheels are from Virages.


The final one is the early 1986 LHD version also a Tasmanian round race winner for Robbie Francevic.

Tamiya TS26 white and TS49 Bright red. Scale Production wheels and my own decals. No major mods.



A mostly easy to build kit with any issues mostly of my own making. Fitting the Scale production wheels was a bit of a pain. Beemax seem to think that too much camber on the wheels is never enough so I had to a fair bit of work to make them not look like those silly JDM tuner cars with wheels splayed like a dying camel.

Anyways, thanks for looking.




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12 hours ago, ShawnS said:

Nice one Grant.  I believe that is the same car as the two LHD versions that I made. Where are the decals from?

I made them myself, make my own artwork and get them digital printed. Can do you a set if you aren’t sick of doing another Volvo!!

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All three are superb. I was marshalling at Silverstone in the day when they had rounds of the European Touring Car Championships. We had a few over from Scandinavia ( Denmark/Sweden/Norway) but we had never seen these racing and as they came into the corners and took the foot off the gas great three foot flames came out of the side exhaust! And on three wheels too!

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