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I LOVE the old boxes...!!!    I take them and put a thumb tack through the bottom box into the wall then slide the cover box on them....makes me smile just to sit and look at them at times.  I use to have some really cool ones and for ones I do have but a tornado here took many of them and others got way too wet and damaged to save sadly.    Very nice displays guys..!!!

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9 hours ago, Dirty Dave said:

Most print shops will not duplicate copyrighted material without a release, as they ARE selling the print to the customer. So no, if you own your own large format printer, I suppose you wouldn't need anybody's permission.

Been there a few times with legally owned artwork!

Here's a good story.... back in the day when I was a facility manager for Bristol-Myers Squibb,  I found out the Excederin Busch League car was making promotional rounds in New Jersey.  I got a hold of the right people and worked it out to have the car at our company location on a weekday. Excederin was our product at the time. Everyone was so excited to have our race car coming to the site.  I drew up a poster with a our promo photo of the car on it and brought it to our printing department.  They had instructions to print the posters,  and have them posted on the doors of every building on site by morning, the day of the event.

The next morning I get into work and... no posters anywhere!   I ran to the printing department and the smug little supervisor  started to lecture me.... "Do you know anything?  You cannot print a copyrighted photo..."   I cut him off right there.... "IT IS OUR COPYRIGHT!"  and gave him an hour to have those poster out there! 

And as a bonus they sent the shy young driver nobody had ever heard of along with the car.  He was very humble and signed everyone's photos.  I took him to lunch in our cafeteria.  His name?  Jimmy Johnson!




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