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Mystery engine (oooooooooh ahhhhhh)


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First off all this is a beautiful looking build, very accurate looking. I had a brother in law that got one of these when he was 17 or 18 years old. The exact same color but with the black interior. The lad was over 6'3" so he looked like he was in a go cart. He also would up flipping it in just a few months. No roll bar and he only skinned up his hand when it was trapped between the steering wheel and the road surface. He later was a driver of a troop carrier that got blown out from under him in Vietnam. Great guy with amazing luck. 

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Thanks for the kind words! It should be done in a week. I just need to polish the 2k clear on the body and add the seat belts. 


Sorry to hear about your brother in law. The body color is “Bugatti sky blue”, but the Nissan factory color is “sora blue” (I think it translates to sky blue as well). Looks close to me too :)

factory interior was black, but I wanted to add a little character to the car since black hides so many details in a model. Hardest part of these old style Japanese cars in there are so many surface parts that need to be avoided during color/clear sanding to ensure you don’t break through the corners. 

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