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Two more '57 Chevrolet's


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34 minutes ago, KWT said:

Very nicely done, Rick... You definitely have a thing for 57's. Have anymore on the horizon?

Nope I think 62 of them is enough for now , And that's just the 1/25 scale part of the collection. I have 3 of the 1/16, 1- 1/18,  7 -1/64 ,and 3- 1/87 scale. Of the 1/25 scale there are the Bel-Air Sedan & Coupe's 2 & 4 door's ,Two-Ten Sedan,150 Sedan 2 & 4 door's, Nomad and Bel Air wagon. All that would be left would be a Bel-air 4 door sedan , 150 Handy man wagon, 210 wagon, and a sedan delivery.

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16 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

Really nice looking ‘57s there. What color did you use on the lighter one?

Krylon short cuts Satin cactus green (SCS-086)  And clear coated with Krylon short cuts clear coat.

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