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Anyone need a range hood for a paint booth?

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Due to a recent kitchen remodel I have a 36" range hood available and FREE to anyone who would like to have it for building a paint booth. It's an Allure, 2 speed fan and dual (small) spot lights with bright and dim switch and outside vent. It's in great shape. Due to it's size (36") no-one seems interested in buying it for a kitchen and I refuse to scrap it. THE CATCH: I will not ship or deliver it. You must pick it up or make some arrangement to get it. I live in the North Eastern Indiana, Southern Michigan and North Western Ohio area.

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I've been thinking of doing that exact thing myself.  But I have one and not in your area.   Hoepfully someone will want it.  Have you tried the marketplaces on the social media sites?  Although you get a LOT of folks that never show.   Good luck getting rid of it.

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2 hours ago, Jantrix said:

A range fan does not pull enough air (cfm) to be useful for a paint booth. I'm speaking from experience. 

I heartily agree with this sentiment. However, this hood would make the fine basis for a spray booth, with it's integrated lights and hood structure. if it is like a typical range hood, build a box for it to rest on and upgrade the fan. Could be cool., and it would save someone money on materials.

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