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Arrowhead Aluminum ?

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I ordered a few things from them in October, from the website.... Just had to have paypal step in and refund my money. Nothing from them, no replies to emails, no response to the case by paypal..... this is the second and last time I ever use them.... both times I had trouble.

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I had problems with them in the past, too. AAA must be in business, or, at least what passes as one. Their webpage has a 2019 copyright and they have the same items as listed in recent FB posts. They posted on FB as recently as yesterday. Here's the link. Here is the phone number if you feel like busting their chops:


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I started a relationship with Duane 3+ years ago & it’s been different (nicest way I can phase it) anyway he & I have spoken on the phone 6-8 times & 1hr+ talking each call. He’s been very friendly, funny, kind & helpful each conversation. So that’s the phone conversations.... Now when it comes to each part order I’ve made- entirely a different matter!!!

1st order took 13 months to receive.............  2nd order took 60+ days to receive.................      3rd order took 90+ days to receive.................         Last order too 93 days to receive...................       the EXCUSES for these ridiculous wait times I’ve received are as creative & Polished as his Incredible Aluminum parts... I’d have more respect for him if he would change the disclaimer on his website from

{parts will take up to 30 days to complete} CHANGED TOO

{Don’t EXPECT ANY PARTS FOR AT LEAST A YEAR}   As a retired Tx state police investigator, I would put his personality as that of a Pathological and compulsive liar- (with Hella Metal shop skills) 🤓😂😂🤣 

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